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Affiliate marketing has become an excellent way for people to make money at home. It takes very little startup capital, and in essence, it mainly takes your hard work and perseverance.


You have probably watched many YouTube videos of affiliate marketers making money hand over fist. Becoming one of these people is more than possible, but is extremely hard to do.

 Top Notch Affiliate is focused on real, realistic results that will help you to quit your current job and become the master of your time and resources. None of this is a get rich quick scheme, and you will not get there by stepping on the backs of other people either. That is why we suggest that you either take the course or become a member of one of the top affiliate marketing programs.

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So, Just What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a system by which you get paid whenever someone who visits your website, video, landing page or social media page acts resulting in you getting paid a commission. It might be that they view an ad, click an ad, or most usually, that they buy something.

By the time that you finish this article, or even before then, I might end up with a commission from some action that you take. How you ended up deciding that action is dependent upon the hard work that I put in for you to do so.

Let’s take an example that you have probably seen many times. Say you have a blog about computers and gaming. You have gone to the trouble of writing a blog about both of these topics.

In your articles, you have links out to an affiliate program such as Amazon. These links are typically due to a suggestion that you are making to the reader. The reader clicks on the link is directed to Amazon and makes a purchase. You receive a commission from Amazon.

The mechanics described above are simple. The hard part is getting people to your website, your videos, social media posts, or landing pages and then having them commit to a purchase.

On your website, you could advertise some products sold by Amazon. Maybe some books, computers, gaming chairs, gaming headsets or other gaming equipment. When someone reads your blog, they might be inspired to buy a high-end chair. When they do, Amazon pays you a small commission. Again, that is how it works.

To take the point further, let’s say that you get an average of $5 for each sale. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? But supposing your informative web site or interesting blog is very successful. Maybe you are making a hundred or more sales each day. That suddenly sounds like real money, right?

Now what drew me to affiliate marketing is that I’m making money while I’m doing something else. You probably heard of this call passive income. This allows you to take trips, live where you want, and make changes in your lifestyle.

The Three Kinds of Players in the Affiliate Marketing Game

1. The Merchant


The first player is known as the Merchant. That’s the person or company who has a product or service to sell. It might be a huge company like Amazon or Clickbank, or it might be an individual seller, for example, an online course in how to be a better gamer.

Merchants are busy producing their product or service which is their primary focus. They may not have the time or resources for marketing to the individual consumer. That is where the next step and you come into play.

2. The Affiliate


The Affiliate has taken on many different forms recently. In the past, it was typically someone who wrote a blog post and received money through links. Affiliate marketing has evolved into email marketing, social media posts and tweets, videos, and other information-driven tools.

Now is the best part and where you come in. As the Affiliate, you work to promote the product or service offered by the Merchant. You become the advertiser, promoter and advocate for products or services. You take a commission from the profit – just by encouraging and leading people to make a purchase.

Let’s say you have a blog about health products. You work in a specific niche and problem, and in turn, your blog becomes well known. You become known as an authority, resulting in tons of traffic each day.

3. The Customer


For younger and even older generations purchasing online is the only way to go. Going to physical stores is becoming a thing of the past.

For those of you that have read that affiliate marketing has become saturated clearly do not understand just a much more room there is to grow. There are others like you that are entering the market on a daily basis.

Think about how much time you spend online on the purchases that you make. Your part of the norm which continues to grow. Cashing in on people making purchases online can be your path to independence and freedom.

Continue to look at all that you build in the eyes of the customer. Would you make a purchase based on this blog article? Would you make a purchase based on this Tweet? Would you make a purchase based on this email? To be successful don’t lose sight of the customer and what they want.

There’s One More Link In The Chain – The Network

Networks are a company like Amazon, Clickbank, or ShareASale which brings together thousands of Merchants into one place. Some products or services might be exclusive to one Network as is the case with some sites like ShareASale and Clickbank.

Make sure that you are using multiple Networks for the above reason. It is a good idea to diversify in case one network changes their commission structure or has other unforeseen issues.

For you, the Affiliate, these Networks offer you places where you can find specific products to promote based on your audience. Many of these Networks have individual areas on their websites to provide help for you the Affiliate. Keep up with what they have to say.

How Can You Get Started?

Start out with the Affiliate route instead of trying to jump straight into being a Merchant. You will find that many online marketers will tell you to have a product. Create a course is one of the pieces of advice you hear all of the time.

How does that make sense if you are new to marketing and working online? Start out as an Affiliate and then grow from there. If you can get people to purchase other products, then eventually you can move to create and sell your own.

In case you still want to go down the route of a Merchant with your own product, then think about the following:

  1. You need a fantastic product idea or service that people are going to want to buy. Have you ever designed your own product? What service can you provide that you are an expert in?
  2. Next, your product or service has to be tested to ensure it is as good as you think. Is this an area you have expertise in? Why not just try out a similar product or service to see how well it does?
  3. Now it is time to create your product, service, or online course. If it is a physical product, you will most likely need some deep pockets and know how when it comes to dealing with manufacturers and supply chain management. A service or online course makes life a little less complicated, but there is still a learning curve. Much easier to try out something from someone else and then move onto your own once you are successful selling it.
  4. Lastly, time to market your product. Wait, why not just market another product from the beginning? I think you get my point if you have reached it this far.

Easiest Route For A New Affiliate

There is a fast and easy route to get started as an affiliate. Yes, it is rather simple. The hard part is sticking with it and persevering. You need to things to start out. The first is an excellent course that is easy to follow and provides feedback from veteran affiliates. The second is a support system. Find a group of like-minded people that you can communicate with and share your experiences. If you are serious about changing your life here is where you should start. After fumbling around programs that did not work, I ended up there. It is free to start and could be one of the best choices you make.

High-Level Overview
Affiliate Marketing 100%

If you want a top-level overview into what you will need to do to become an affiliate marketer, then take a look below. Better yet, just signup with the program that I recommend and never look back!

Decide what niche you want to put your effort towards. Start out with one area of expertise to start out with and move into others when you feel more comfortable. Either start out with something you already know about or a topic you want to become an expert in.

People will tell you to choose something you’re passionate about. Well, that is easier said than done. You might be better off focusing on a niche that has low competition.

Again, all I’m doing is going over a high-level overview. The first step can be somewhat complicated, and that is why I suggest that you take this course or join the group.

You will need to write excellent content. Therefore, make sure that you are going to be covering something that is interesting to others and can write high-quality content about your subject.

You can start out by looking at some of the top products for sale on Amazon, Clickbank, or ShareASale. Another option is for you to do keyword research to determine which niche you want to serve.

Once you finally decided on your niche, you will need to start pumping out quality content. You also have the option of outsourcing your content as well. However, I do recommend that you start out creating at least a few articles on your own.If you don’t know what quality content looks like, then you cannot outsource this aspect of your business. Many people come up short in understanding this. Just bite the bullet and write four to five articles on your own to start off.Writing quality content is one of the most important functions for affiliate marketers. Master this, and then you can move on to creating quality videos. It does require a different set of skills ones that you can learn after creating quality written content.

Now that you have people visiting your website, YouTube channel, or social media page you will move on to the third step. Leading someone to the purchase is the critical function in this step.

You’ll need to keep in mind that we buy from people we like and respect. Having the proper message is essential. Coming off like some dirtbag salesperson is the last thing you want to do.

People do not always buy from you when I first read an article on your website or social media post. The same goes if you’re creating videos.

Being able to communicate with the person through multiple channels is essential. Email marketing is one of those in the other is social media engagement. This is not to say that people will not buy directly from an article or post that you create. However, you want to increase your chances through continued engagement.

Keep in touch with the people you’re marketing to. Does this still sound like passive income at this point? In many ways no.

That is where automation comes into play. Setting up multiple email drips that can be routed based upon the viewer’s actions is one way.

Automating your Facebook engagement and other social media accounts is another way to keep in touch with your audience. Eventually, you will want to outsource your social media entirely. Well, at least that is the route that I go. To me, quality content is King.

Nothing is 100% passive income in the long run. There are periods of time where you can just “set it and forget it” as they say.

Other times you will need to directly engage with people through various methods such as live streams and webinars. Be sure to record these so that you can reuse these in the future.

Now that everything is up and rolling, it is time for paid advertising.  Do this only when you can funnel your current audience into making purchases. Paid advertising is a complex system. Most likely you arrived at my website from it.

Be especially careful when it comes to so-called experts that you might pay to set up a pay-per-click campaign. Similar to writing good content, with this step you will also need to spend a lot of time on your own trying to master it.

Final Thoughts

This was an introduction level post article. It was not meant to take a deep dive into all the aspects of affiliate marketing.You can save a massive amount of time, pain, and money by getting started with the course and group that I suggested. I’m still a member of both.Trying to do this on your own through reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, and clicking on social media posts is the wrong route to go if want to commit to your success.See in the group!